Denis R. LeBlanc Denis R. LeBlanc


Mr. LeBlanc is the Manager of LeBlanc Inspections - Conseils.

Mr. Leblanc has been an inspector since 2005. He undergoes continuous training since then to perfect and maintain his building knowledge. Holding an architecture technician degree since 1977, he has over 21 years of expertise in development and construction project management. He has designed construction and renovation plans for residential buildings for many years. 

Mr. LeBlanc has an insurance cover for errors, omissions and civil liability.

Mr. LeBlanc owned and was an inspector at Inspection St-Laurent from 2014 to May 2016.

André Denis Barabé André-Denis Barabé


Technical Advisor

Mr. Barabé has been a mentor, instructor and technical advisor and a long-time entrepreneur before becoming an inspector. He served on the Board of the Québec Association of Building Inspectors.

Mr. Barabé passed away in 2014 following complications of his disease. Many thanks to this great man for his priceless support.